Security Information and
Event Management (SIEM)

Interested in deploying state of the art SIEM solution to counter cyber threats?

Our product suite, collects security event logs from the applications, products, devices and systems in the institutions, correlates, archives, stamps them with a qualified time stamp, produces reports, and has warning and alarm mechanisms.

Salient Features:

Privileged Access Management

Built in PAM (Privileged Access Management) Capabilities

Transforms Raw Data

Transforms raw data in logs to meaningful and actionable events

External Databases

Enhances events with external databases such as vulnerabilities and malicious actors

Correlates Events

Correlates events to provide real-time awareness for all the assets

Prioritizes & Classifies

Prioritizes and classifies events and alarms to repo incidents instantly

Role-based Access

Role-based access to system via web based management server and customisable reporting

Infinitely Scalable Architecture

Infinitely scalable architecture allowing linear capacity increase just by adding nodes

Real Time Analysis

Real time analysis of GBs of data using latest technologies in Big Data eco-system and storage of data with lossless compression

Horizontal & Vertical Scalability

Horizontal and vertical scalability on distributed architecture


Incident Prioritization

Increased SOC efficiencies with integrated threats streams into single integrated view and toolset to help identity what is most important to follow up or investigate

Timely Response

Act quickly with less resources as solution geared to detect threats faster through near real-time and intelligent behavior-driven detection capabilities.

Effectively Analyse

Better insights based on long term historical data collection, enriched by ongoing data collection and correlations.

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