Customer Relationship Refined

Connect360 is a robust and comprehensive CRM solution which helps organizations manage and server their customers effectively and efficiently leading to a true omni channel experience.

An easy, powerful, and highly customizable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that enables integration across the board. You can view everything you need to know about each contact on a single page and deliver a personalized experience with every customer or prospect interaction.

Salient Features:


Campaign Execution

Lead Capture

Incident/Complaint Management

Location Based Intelligence

Performance Monitoring & Dashboards

Security & Audit trail


Enterprise fit

CRM developed using a modular approach and due to its open architecture, it seamlessly integrates into your enterprise architecture.



Being a web-based application with versions available for both mobile and tablets, carries zero overhead related to support on user machines, etc. Rolling out new updates is centralized seamless for all


Enhanced Customer Experience

Reach out to customer (using any channel of choice) )with the help of insights; quality of existing relationship, product penetration and engagement along with rule or intelligence-based recommendations on cross-sell/up-sell opportunities.

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