A team of innovative software analytics consultants
Accelerate business value by bringing Science to Data
Are you looking to make sense of large datasets and non-traditional data sources
Use analytics to grow your business. We help global organizations achieve strategic business outcomes through data-driven decision making based on enterprise wide integrated data.



Are you looking to enable data-driven decision-making in your organization but aren’t sure where to start?


Our Artificial Intelligence team has delivered one-of-a-kind successes across industries. The basis of our success is the ability to adapt…

Robotic Process

We build robotic processes to automate routine activities such as customer onboarding, order processing, and more.


A robust and scalable Connect360 application that guarantees quality customer experience and satisfaction.


Our next generation SIEM solution easily integrates with enterprise assets, ingests data and feeds, correlates to timely… 


Almari.ai allows partner organisation to save logistical and operational costs associated with storage and retrieval …


We develop custom web and mobile applications to gather data, automate business processes, execute transactions.


We enable partners to deploy automated technology platforms using cloud services, network transformation…

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Case Studies

Innovating in sports – world’s first fully automated golf caddy

Arccos Golf is the first and only fully automatic golf performance tracking system. Arccos has been ranked as the 3rd most innovative company in the sports industry globally.

The AI caddy has been a huge commercial and product success. It has been featured as the next big thing in Golf on Bloomberg, WSJ, Fortune, GolfDigest and others.
86% of users decreased their handicap by an average of 3.8 when using the platform.

The client’s CEO was named as a top innovator and leader of golf’s data revolution by Golf Inc.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict Food Contamination in the US

Leading Microbial Risk Assessment Technology Provider | Global Disrupter in Food Tech Industry.

Detection of contamination in organic samples in minutes versus days
Microbial testing is now possible across the food supply chain at scale and cost effectively.
Single click management and regulatory reporting bank-wide

Real-time reporting and historical insights from thousands of farms across the globe

Fast Growing Start-up Building Next-Gen Drive Augmentation Technologies

Building next generation drive augmentation technologies that will enable a variety of use cases such as self driving cars in developing countries, safer roads, and optimal pricing of auto-insurance products.
Real-time road object detection and hazard alerts – all from a user’s mobile device
Mobile apps rated #1 in iOS and Android app stores
Auto-scaling cloud platform to process thousands of data points every minute



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